The Aqua Blu Boutique Hotel + Spa is located at Lambi Beach, one of the most attractive beaches on Kos Island. Lambi Beach stretches out of the harbour to the northern tip and around the headland of the Island. Aqua Blu’s ideal location is considered the ultimate bridge between beach and city life. Car, taxi, bus service and private landscaped bicycle lanes, provide amazingly easy access to the center of Kos Town and surrounding pristine sandy beaches.

The airport is 26 Km away with frequent flights to and from the Island. Kos also has connecting ferry services to and from the port of Pireaus in Athens, and the islands of Rhodes, Patmos, Simi and many other islands in the Aegean. Turkey is only a 20-minute boat trip away, and it’s coastline can be clearly seen from the town and neighbouring beaches.

Its these pristine beaches, with crystal clear waters, that attracts so many tourists to the island annually. Its impressive meandering coastline – possibly the longest in the whole of the Mediterranean – means that at least two thirds of the shore reveal beaches that win awards. All easily accessible and catering to most tastes: small, large, sandy or pebbly, with either dramatic waves or tranquil waters, well-organised and popular, to quaint and isolated.

Apart from being the birthplace of the father of medicine, Hippocrates, Kos island is also known as the “island of cycling” justifiably earning this title during the Italian occupation of the island between 1912 and 1943 when numerous cycling races were organised and attracted participation from famous Italian champions.

Kos’ flat landscape makes cycling the ultimate means of transport, go from point A to B with ease, and with oodles of style! One of the most stunning and flat bicycle routes, parades along Lambi beach, where our hotels are located. Lucky us!


At Aqua Blu we make sure you arrive in style and leave in luxury. Meet your driver at Kos International Airport or Kos port and relax on the journey to your destination.

Contact us at info@aquabluhotel.gr


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