This summer, you have even more reasons to visit Kos, one of the most favourite islands and the fourth most important tourist destination in Greece.

Although the island has welcomed refugees and migrants seeking refuge in Europe via Greece, Kos is as safe as never before. With the concerted efforts of the local authorities, citizens and local entrepreneurs, the island has managed to combine tourism and local solidarity, without upsetting the overall experience of visitors. At the same time, Greece has recently announced a tourism action plan, with a series of actions to assist the islands that receive refugee flows.The Greek Alternate Tourism Minister, Elena Kountoura has reassured that no refugees and immigrants are directed to the tourist spots, stating that the refugee reception centers that will start operating in the Greek islands, will be located far away from areas and places of tourist interest and totally under control.

Apart from safety, discover more reasons why you should visit Kos this summer and book a dreamy holiday in the paradise of the Dodecanese, where the sun is shining all year long!

Dive in the amazing beaches

Plati island beachNearKOS

Kos is the island with the most beaches compared to the length of its coastline, all over Mediterranean. It offers crystal clear beaches for all tastes; large or small, sandy or with pebbles, quiet or cosmopolitan, organized or not, on Kos island you will find your summer paradise! At a close distance from the city center, the green beach of Lambi is one of the most famous organized beaches with 1 km of sandy beach. 

Take on a journey to history

Island Kastri and ruins on Kos

Full of the aromas and flavours of the thousands stories narrated by the civilizations that have left their marks there, the island of Hippocrates’ enchants visitors by a constant alternation of eras and cultures, through its important sights. Explore Nerantzia’s Castle, relax under the plane tree of Hippocrates, visit Casa Romana and Aslepion, of course.

Romantic bike rides in the island of cycling

drz-aqua-5295Kos island is known as the “island of cycling”, since its flat morphology makes the bicycle an ultimate means of transportation. Kos island offers an impressive bicycle lane that starts from Faros beach and ends at Psalidi beach, covering a distance of about 13 km with many cross-lanes passing through the beautiful Town of Kos. One of the nicest and easiest bicycle routes, is the one that crosses the beach of Lambi.

Explore the villages

Seaside villages, picturesque mountain villages and important attractions, you can find them all in Kos. Marmari and Tigaki are the first coastal villages you will meet when leaving the town of Kos. The two villages offer wonderful beaches with crystal clear waters. Also, visit Zia, Lagkoudi, Asfendiou, Asomatos and Pyli, the picturesque mountain villages where you can enjoy traditional local delicacies, local wine and ouzo overlooking a magical sunset. Also, do not miss Kardamena, about 30 km away from Kos town.


Taste the traditional gastronomy

drz-4090 copy

The exquisite gastronomic tradition of Kos follows the Greek Mediterranean diet, giving emphasis on the purity of the products. During your visit to Kos, definitely try the traditional tomatoe spoon sweet, prepared by housewives from a special variety of small pomodoro tomatoes. Also, do not miss “posa cheese” or “wine cheese”, a local goat cheese, which is maintained in wine, thus it has a red color, as well as a special, gentle spiciness. Also, do taste the “pittaridia”, lasagna cooked in beef broth, the “katimeria”, the twisted fried pies with Mizithra cheese served with honey and cinnamon, as well as the “pligouri”, which is ground wheat cooked with pork. Finally, do not forget to try “kanelada”, the unique traditional drink of the island.

Relax at your luxurious heaven


The amazing Aqua Blu Boutique Hotel + Spa, one of the best 25 hotels in Greece and the number 1 hotel in Kos town, will turn into your luxurious heaven in the island and will make you wish to stay there forever. Feel the sensation of relaxation and discreet luxury at Aqua Blu, the hotel that harmonically combines the contemporary architecture, the modern and minimal design with the authentic hospitality and exquisite service. Enjoy a hearty breakfast with a view to the Aegean’s blue, have your first dive of the day at the private pool of your suite, dive in a microcosm of relaxation at Tamaris Spa, dine at the amazing Cuvee Restaurant and drink refreshing, colourful cocktails by the pool, while watching one of the best sunsets of the island.