Colours, aromas, great zen music and a unique atmosphere at Tamaris Spa. We had the chance to visit the amazing wellness center of Aqua Blu Boutique Hotel + Spa in Kos and we lived the absolute relaxation experience!


As soon as you step your foot at Tamaris Spa, you will admit that it is the most atmospheric spa you have ever visited. Your entrance to the spa takes you into a microcosm of pure relaxation and luxury, while you feel that you rediscover your senses. The wonderful music manages to immediately, while the colours and the aromas prepare you for the absolute spa experience.


Firstly, we relaxed by the stunning indoor pool of Tamaris Spa, enjoying the zen music as well as the rejuvenating energy drinks from Greek herbs, while preparing ourselves for the authentic, ritual therapies with the famous Cinq Mondes Spa products.


The new Tamaris Spa menu is rich and includes a variety of face and body therapies, massages, bath rituals, as well as slimming and firming therapies. After consulting the spa experts of Tamaris Spa, we chose to prepare our skin for tanning, through a unique full body scub, ideal for sensitive skins, with coconut powder and Monoi extracts.

We combined the scrub with a truly enjoyable Polynesiac Massage, which we definitely recommend. We also suggest the unique holistic package that combines a full body scrub of 30 mn with a back massage of 15 mn and a Fleurs de Bali care of 30 mn.


After this unforgettable spa experience, we decided to carry home the feeling of Tamaris Spa, bying the new Phyto-tonic oil with firming and slimming actions inspired from Brazilian recipe of beauty.

Escape from the everyday life and rediscover your senses once again through the unique wellness experience Tamaris Spa offers you.  Aqua Blu’s spa, that cooperates with Orloff Spa Experts, an Athens-based spa consulting company, features a relaxation area with an indoor pool, women’s and men’s finish sauna, a Turkish hammam with color therapy and aroma therapy and a gym.