All suites at Aqua Blu provide the guest with natural light streaming through the large floor-to-ceiling windows during the day and romantic hidden lighting after sunset. Designer furnishings, exquisite bed linens, rich tones and oak floors are an integral part of each suite. The view of the Aegean Sea complements the contemporary architecture and modern decor of the beautiful Suites at Aqua Blu Boutique Hotel & Spa.

The exquisite gastronomy of our Cuvee Restaurant is on the news again! Read the excellent review of Dimitris Antonopoulos, which was published at www.xrysoiskoufoi.gr

“The “Cuvee” restaurant at the “Aqua Blu” Hotel in Kos has always served very unique culinary suggestions since its creation in 2011. This year, however, is its best year since Pavlos Kyriakis (Golden Chef’s Hat in “Lycabettus” and “Andronis Luxury Suites” in Santorini) has taken over the reins of the kitchen, while George Kostis, who has a remarkable resume since he started his career in London until he won a Michelin star as a chef of “5” in Stuttgart, is the executive chef.


Their modern kitchen has cosmopolitan air and boldness. For example, you cannot easily match rustic sausage and crayfish, but they achieve to do it with the help of sweet aubergine cream and a potato broth that is pure umami. From their top dishes, the confit veal sides express a very gourmet comfort style combined with onion puree, carob honey and a super delicate stew. At the same time, the duck with blueberries and caramel figs create a fantastic fusion together with the Japanese hijiki algae, while the pork ribbon combined with smoked onion, peas and pork broth tied with peas and mint tastes of pure spring.


Talking about bold cuisine, it is impressive how a sea bream is showing its delicacy through mushrooms and their broth, hazelnuts and black garlic, or how excellent a dessert playing with spicy curry, coconut and coriander is. Kos has interesting sights, beautiful beaches and the weather is hot until October for some autumn sunbathing.”

CUVeE Restaurant is on the news! Enjoy the incredible article written by journalist Yiannis Devetzoglou, as published at www.tanea.gr.

“The island of Kos dynamically enters in the world map of high gastronomy and begins to compete with Mykonos and Santorini.

It is extremely rare for me to be in a hotel and want to dine in. CUVeE Restaurant and Aqua Blue Hotel in Kos (Lambi Beach, tel. 22420-22.440) attracted me like a magnet. The environment, the architecture, the decoration, but above all the people who were really polite, made me feel that they are there to help me have a great time.

The restaurant serves multi-star international cuisine and this year the tastes were renewed by the chef Pavlos Kyriakis and “captain” chef Giorgos Kostis (Michelin star). From the buffet to the high gastronomic dishes, the flavors are with no doubt top. For breakfast I tasted Benedict eggs, which were served with bacon, smoked salmon or whatever the customer desires. Hollandaise sauce was magic, with smooth texture. The yolk was not as wet as I expected it, but the flavors were still there. Crisp bacon and premium quality ingredients.

A unique ceviche with pure Greek tastes of tomato and basil hearts was the dish that impressed me at the lunch menu. The bullet-shaped spinach was also amazing! A crisp ball filled with the classic recipe of spinach rice. In general, the menu was highly suited to international cuisine, but at the same time it introduced the Greek flavors and ingredients to the foreign visitors in the smartest way.

Yet, the dinner is unrivaled and  expected to affect the image of the whole island. The menu has a strong character, with quite complex materials, impeccable balance and very pure flavors. The chef’s welcome with three crisps, each with different texture, color and taste, was really appetizing.

SURF AND TURF. I tried a surf and turf with a tender smoked clayfish, tasteful sausage in the right amount and flavour to tie with the seafood and velvet eggplant purée with coffee. All this was married with a delicious broth I ate with the spoon! I continued with a plate full of sea iodine, a sea bream with the skin cooked and removed, leaving the flavors on its raw flesh. It was combined with cucumber and fennel pickles and calamansi sauce, a kind of aromatic lemon reminiscent of bergamot!

Then the chef served me a tender dorado with crispy skin accompanied with shitake mushrooms and cantharelles. The main dish was the colorful plate of the cover photo with two different pieces of tender and crispy pork, onion and citrus. All of this, combined with exclusively Greek wines – 55 labels – and the great suggestions of Sommelier Stamatis Bilis.

The menu culminated with mouthwatering desserts that were impeccable in sugar, not too sweet as in a pastry shop, with colors, playful flavors and textures. Do not forget to try the cocktails of the bartender Christos Michaelides, which will cause you a taste-bud orgasm.


Top Italian Instagrammer and digital influencer visited Aqua Blu Boutique Hotel & and shared her experience with more than 122.000 followers on Instagram, uploading gorgeous photos of her moments at our boutique hotel!

Enrica Albani, also known as @elliiallii, enjoyed a 5* stay, photographed herself by the pool and in her suite, visited the Tamaris Spa and took her followers on a tour of our luxurious facilities, through her Instagram feed.

Enjoy the story of her stay at our hotel through her photos below:















Our guest and food blogger from aglassofredwine.com wrote this amazing review of our hotel and Cuvee Restaurant at his blog! Enjoy it below:

“According to Condé Nast this is one of the top 20 hotels in Greece and the accompanying islands and once you set foot into the doors of Aqua Blu Hotel and Spa in Kos it’s certainly easy to see why. I’m not just talking about the contemporary and stylish interiors that abound in this 53 bedroom, all suite, luxury five-star hotel but also importantly and significantly the experience. A house is just a building of bricks and mortar. A home on the other hand is taking that vacant box and creating an experience for those who live there with you or happen to visit. It’s about creating a welcome, a feeling, an embrace, like being wrapped up in a blanket of warmth and kindness. The same holds true for a restaurant, hotel, or any other business in the hospitality industry.



The suites, all with sea view, balcony area, or access to their own outside pool, encapsulate luxurious minimalism, with white walls and linen, open bathroom and rainfall showerhead. In room facilities include free Wi-Fi, which can be a little unreliable in bedrooms but is better in common areas, tea and coffee making facilities, and 40 inch flat screen TVs as standard. Falling into 6 categories from standard double suite to Loft suite, rooms offer spacious relaxed surroundings and as previously mentioned some suites offer access to a private pool with ground floor “Pool Experience” suite, where we stayed, offering a plunge pool on your terrace with a lounge bed on the opposite side. “Pool Signature” suites offer similar but with more private seclusion from the rest of the hotel. There is also a spectacular outdoor pool for all guests to enjoy on the beachside of the hotel. Whatever room option you choose you can be safe in the knowledge of unrivalled luxury and comfort. Rather than list them all here for further information about in-room facilities check out the hotel website: https://www.aquabluhotel.gr/suites/



Getting Around:

Located at the beachside area of Lambi, northeast of the island and just over 2km from Kos Town, it’s an easy walk with a footpath and flat surface all the way to the town centre. If walking isn’t your thing cycling is very popular here with bicycle lanes from the hotel all the way to Psalidi further south down the coastline. If you plan on going further afield there are a plethora of places to hire a car and travelling around the island is easy. Just remember to bring your driver licence.

Clockwise from left: The wonderful breakfast buffet served in Cuvée, Aqua Blu water feature, stylish interiors in the hotel lobby

Clockwise from left: The wonderful breakfast buffet served in Cuvée, Aqua Blu water feature, stylish interiors in the hotel lobby

Eating here:

Sips + Bites Pool Bar

Located by the pool with stunning sea views, Sips and Bites is perfect for an afternoon cocktail or light lunch. Serving up signature cocktails and dishes from with everything from local Greek specialties to pasta. Open from noon until 11pm

Enjoy the food, wine, and cocktails at the pool side bar Sips & Bites

Enjoy the food, wine, and cocktails at the pool side bar Sips & Bites


Aqua Blu is a haven of decadence and luxury and this is continued in its fine dining restaurant Cuvée. Translated as vintage, there is nothing old style or antiquated about this food. On the contrary this is current, relevant, Michelin quality cooking from chef George Kostis and his team. Honing his skills in restaurants such as the Grill at the Dorchester in London, and one star restaurant 5 in Stuttgart, George has collaborated with chef Pavlos Kiriakis to create a menu that has its base firmly rooted in the technique of classic French cookery with dishes such as the beef short rib, truffle, and lamb but who also take inspiration from classic Greek and Mediterranean cuisine and give it a fresh modern twist, evident with plates such as the red sea bream ceviche, with fennel, cucumber and nasturtium. We opted for the 6 course tasting menu including snacks and petit fours because despite satisfying my voracious tendencies, it is also useful in judging and discerning what a chef “is about”.

Cuvée, “Our view to the world through our menu”

Cuvée, “Our view to the world through our menu”

The lamb, including crispy lamb belly which is a beautiful, underused cut of the animal, was a triumph using classic, if not a little safe, flavours such as pea and olive served alongside some lightly cooked little gem for texture and freshness. I can say nothing about the short rib other than had I forgotten my table manners I would have licked the plate clean. I wish I had.

Clockwise from top left: Limnio wine, pre-dessert, snacks, olive oil cake and blood orange sorbet

Clockwise from top left: Limnio wine, pre-dessert, snacks, olive oil cake and blood orange sorbet

In an encouragement rather than a criticism I would love to see George and Cuvée given the freedom to embrace what is wonderful not just about Greece but more distinctly about Kos and adopting on their menu even more local, indigenous ingredients that the island certainly offers with everything from mountain pork to sea vegetables. I understand that this is an establishment with many international customers but given what I ate elsewhere on the island, the quality of produce is certainly available to uphold the Michelin star quality cooking that is taking place here. George is certainly a talented enough chef to conjure Kos on a plate, which I hope to enjoy when I return. There are signs of what I’m referring to in the stunningly light olive oil cake for dessert and indeed further flashes of creativity in the combination of rosemary and bitter chocolate in the petit fours, which were some of the tastiest nuggets of post dinner sweet I’ve had in some time. These steps have already taken with the wines and sommelier Stamatis is confidently passionate, as he should, by the all Greek and Kos wine list. With intricate knowledge yet more than approachable attitude he is more than happy to discuss and recommend the wonderful variety of wines on this list. Cuvée is distinct in that no other restaurant is offering this type of destination dining on the island so even if you are staying elsewhere I highly recommend that you make a special detour as part of your trip to Kos.

Clockwise from top left: Beef short rib, our garden, red sea bream ceviche, lamb

Clockwise from top left: Beef short rib, our garden, red sea bream ceviche, lamb

What separates a good restaurant from another, or a good hotel from another? Ultimately you’re either serving food, or providing a bed to sleep in. This is an over simplification of the service of course but think about the best meal or hotel stay you’ve had? Most likely it is accompanied by wonderful, perhaps even technically brilliant food, and possibly of abundant luxury but the most defining aspect of any memory is how you felt; it’s about the experience. It’s about the people with you encounter, engage with, and enjoy. It’s about that feeling of effortlessness and ease. The staff at the Aqua Blu provides this in abundance and this makes all the difference here.”

The view from the pool side bar

The view from the pool side bar

When the finest wines of Kos met the breathtaking sunset at Aqua Blu, a truly magical evening took place that will linger in our memory for a long time!

On the 8th of July, our hotel’s precious guests and visitors had the chance to enjoy a unique wine tasting experience of Triantafillopoulos winery delicious wines, attending a really atmospheric event at our pool area. The magnificent views to the sunset and the live trumpet tunes set the ambience of the dreamy evening.

After the wine tasting, the Cuvee restaurant was offering a wine and pairing degustation menu prepared by our chef.

Enjoy the photos of our event below!

DAR_9595 DAR_9598 DAR_9605 DSC_0231a (4) DSC_0232 (4) DSC_0237a DSC_0253 (4)

Kos’ first and foremost luxury boutique hotel proudly occupies a prime piece of real estate a short drive or bus ride from Kos town. This classy, airy and yet engagingly hip hostelry is compact in size yet combines stylish luxury, with space water and grace.

Ideally suited to couples who like to mix town and beach life with an up-market accommodation experience will appreciate the down-to-earth and home-like ambience of this egalitarian home away from home. A spa and gym will enhance the overall relax factor while fine local dining complements the in-house Med-fusion culinary experience.

What distinguishes this hotel is its fine taste and low-key friendly, family luxury. It’s located in an ideal position: close to the beach yet close enough to Kos town to be considered urban. The CUVéE in-house à la Carte restaurant offers in-house dining with a Mediterranean twist and you have around plush 30 rooms to choose from – all a minimum of 30 sq m in size. Some rooms have small private pools. A great choice all up.

Room Tip: For a real splurge go for the Deluxe Seaview loft


If you are thinking about going to Kos then look no further. We only stayed two nights as we were travelling around the islands, but on every level it’s just a brilliant hotel. The service is fantastic, from the moment you arrive they make you feel like nothing is too much trouble. And it’s not just the reception staff – it’s every single one of them. Rare indeed. The restaurant, Cuvee, is probably the best in Kos, the beach area is really chilled, nicely away from the hoards and the rooms although not massive are really elegantly designed, as is the rest of the hotel. Bravo. We shall be back!

John T

Beautiful! We spent 5 days here and from moment one to moment last the entire experience was magnificent. This is a wonderful get away for romantic couples.

The customer service is outstanding! Every staff member is polite, friendly, knowledgeable, and completely accommodating.

The decor is elegant and tasteful, allowing an easy blend with the natural beauty of the sea and lands across the water (other Greek islands and Turkey). There is a private beach for the hotel directly across the road with beds, umbrellas and towels.

The suites were lovely and spacious. Cleaning staff entered twice a day to keep everything clean and organized.

The attached restaurant, Cuvée, is magnificent (I did a separate review). Breakfast buffet is served outside on the veranda with running water along the edge with a gorgeous view. Snacks and meals are available all day through the bar or room service or outside by the pool. The food is very very good.

The spa downstairs is lovely and the technicians are wonderful and skilled. I had a massage one day, and a facial and massage another day although they offer many other services (manicure, pedicure, hair style, etc.). There is a sauna and a steam room for private use prior to spa services, and also a relaxation room with private pool set at a warm temperature for returning to reality slowly. This is the place to be pampered!

No need to ever leave unless you want to explore the sights in the town. What really sets this hotel apart is the staff and customer service.

Irene C

Our amazing Aqua Blu Boutique Hotel & Spa has been awarded as one of the 25 best hotels in Greece for 2017,  at this year’s Travellers Choice Awards.

The amazing hotel-treasure that was recently chosen by the British newspaper Telegraph, as one of the best hotels in Greece, climbed up to the list with the top Greek hotels of the year, as determined from ratings by real travelers.

Aqua Blu stands out thanks to its luxurious hospitality, unique design, highly qualified personnel, exquisite restaurant and excellent spa.

Read some of the TripAdvisor’s members’ comments for Aqua Blu Boutique Hotel & Spa, below.

“Absolutely Amazing!”

Stayed here for 2 weeks in June for a special occasion. Hotel is a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World and is everything we expected it to be. We upgraded to a suite with our own pool and sun loungers which was well worth it. The décor of the hotel is stunning and of contemporary chic style. The Manager and staff were so friendly and just couldn’t do enough for you, the maid came twice a day which we have never had anywhere else before. Breakfast was something else with a wide selection, you must try the yogurt and we had specialist coffee each morning on the patio restaurant. Also dined at Cuvee, which is Michelin standard both in food and service, our Sommelier recommended an excellent local wine for us and the chef came out to meet us as well which was a nice touch. Wouldn’t hesitate to return and be pampered on many more occasions. Thank you to everyone for making our visit so special and memorable, we will be back.

LadyX36, January 2017

aquablu01 copy

“This is a faultless hotel, best on the island”

If you want to guarantee yourself the perfect holiday, stay here. This is the only hotel on Kos with the ‘small luxury hotel’ rating and they take their 5 star onto another level.

The hotel is set on a peninsula so many of the rooms have a great sea view. The hotel’s decor is trendy but classy, designed very well to allow you to constantly have glimpses of the different areas. The rooms are large, great decor, with massive comfortable beds and all have a large balcony perfect for sun set watching, (some have their own private pool too). Our room had a shower as well as a bath (we’re English, we like that) and comes with a decent hairdryer and constantly replenished high quality toiletries.

The room was cleaned and tidied twice a day with a constant supply of fresh white towels. Beach/pool towels are provided along with a beach bag to put them in. The hotel is 2.5km from Kos town (20 min walk) or €7 cab ride. There are a number of rental places nearby where you can get everything from bicycles to beach buggies and Kos has cycle paths everywhere so it’s ultra safe. It has a stunning pool area with jacuzzi and plenty of decent sun beds including many ‘couple’ ones. The sun sets from here were amazing. Just across the road is your private beach area, (soft white sand here unlike some areas of Kos’s coastline) with beautiful views of the Turkish coast.

The manager at the Aqua Blu is very attentive and hands on and has chosen his staff well. Despite being at the end of the season every single member of the staff seemed to enjoy their role in making your experience the best it could be. Nothing was too much trouble and the reception desk went out of their way on a daily basis to give suggestions, book everything from day trips to Turkey, restaurants, cabs etc and they even seemed to enjoy deciphering my rusty Greek each day.

The breakfast was varied and had something for everyone’s tastes including some à la carte options. There is a really lovely bar area with a full range of quality brands, amazing sea views and excellent chatty bar staff. Their restaurant is called Curvé and is one of the top fine dining restaurants on the island.

If that wasn’t enough they have an award winning spa in the hotel with a heated indoor pool. I had a massage there which was amazing. Staying at the Aqua Blu hotel made our trip to Kos, I’ve stayed at a number of world renowned hotels and this is definitely up there. Best hotel, best staff, best food, best location why go anywhere else…..we’ll definitely be back.

Deanne C, October 2016


“Exceptionally excellent”

I have been privileged to stay in a reasonable number of top hotels around the world and eaten in some fine restaurants. I have been served by fabulous and charming people with great character and been so delighted but i have never stayed in one hotel that uniquely has it all. Aqua Blu Boutique Hotel,Spa and Restaurant deserves my best review to date for overall excellence in every department.

The Hotel is situated across the road from the beech but make no mistake thats just 50ft not far and has a beautifully kept private lounging area incredibly well supplied with drinks and food.It is walking distance at a slow walk of 40 minutes by foot and 20 minutes by bicycle to the town centre but taxis are prompt and not expensive (5 minutes).

There is an abundance of restaurants and bars but you want that special meal then eat at the Cuvee where the charming and talented head chef creates masterpieces that taste like heaven on a plate. We ate their three times trying different dishes each time all of which were sublime.

The design of the hotel is modern open plan and so alluring making us feel at home and very special. Brought to life with lights and candles and even a cool fire pit it sparkles with both charm and romance, a combination rarely found in a hotel.

Superb Spa treatments and relaxation pool. We had two massages each and loved them. The gym is small and simple but adequate to keep you fit and in shape for the duration of your stay. We were specially allowed in to use it at 7-30am every day when it normally only opens at 10am !!!

With few rooms and a very efficient lift there was never any waiting around and the reception staff were fun fabulously helpful and exceptional.

There is a wide variety of choice of rooms and suites for all requirements and taste. The suite we stayed in was spotless and we loved it with views over the sea and pool. What a great pool, no need to reserve a sun bed their plenty and after the beech we always ended up on a double clam shaped sun bed in the afternoon sun cooling off in the pool or relaxing in the jacuzzi.

Finally and without exception i commend Mr George the manager and every member of staff that work at Aqua Blu for not only their service but their pride and passion in creating this unique experience. Yes it is a service but there is something more here it is the love, pride and pleasure to provide the best to the many guests that visit this hotel. It is second to none. It is kindness, thoughtfulness and yes friendship.

Stay at Aqua Blu where not only will you fall in love with Kos but you will fall in love with Aqua Blu hotel, Spa and restaurant. You will have a great holiday.

Thank you all for a magnificent holiday and fabulous experience.

Nick J, October 2016


The British newspaper The Telegraph handpicked Aqua Blu Boutique Hotel + Spa as one of the best hotels in Greece, chosen by the newspaper’s expert. “The only local member of the global Small Luxury Hotels chain, Aqua Blu Boutique Hotel Spa combines cutting-edge design values with notable service, creative cooking, an appealing spa and a secluded but not inconvenient seaside location”, writes Marc Dubin, Telegraph’s destination expert.

Read Telegraph’s review about Aqua Blu, below:

Style & character

9 / 10

The décor is ultra-modern overall, though a healthy rosemary hedge flanking the entryway, and the water-feature above a floral parterre, soften the stark Bauhaus lines of the exterior.

drz-aqua-1106 copy

Service & facilities

9 / 10

The large main pool laps wood decking and daybeds; wind permitting, guests use the hotel beach over the road, with simpler sunbeds and snack bar. Tennis courts are five minutes’ walk distant.

The signature Tamaris spa, while subterranean, has wood-effect tiles underfoot everywhere and shafts of natural light, for example via an atrium with a painted dead tree. There are three treatment rooms, one for couples;  the main post-treatment pool is kept at a balmy 28° C, though there’s also a cooler one. Gender-segregated saunas and a hammam round out the experience; a medium-sized fitness centre adjacent has eight training machines.

Service from the friendly and motivated staff is unflagging.



9 / 10

An all-suite format divides into six categories, ranging from ‘entry level’ double suites to a palatial loft suite; all have a balcony or terrace (though not always a sea view), laptop-size safes, 40-inch televisions, Coco-Mat bedding (often king-size), bathrobe and slippers, plus premium Apivita toiletries as standard. Besides coffee-making kit, purified water is supplied daily, so no nasty plastic bottles. Floor-to-ceiling windows ensure maximal brightness; colour accents against a basically white background comprise cocoa-brown sofas, charcoal-hued panelling and (the squeamish beware) animal pelts on the floor. Furniture includes ultra-modern light fixtures and design-led chairs with chrome frames.

All bathrooms feature a hair-dryer, separate toilet cubicle and extendable makeup mirror. The ground-floor ‘Pool Experience’ suites have large, private plunge pools outside, with a day bed on a lawn at the far end. ‘Pool Signature’ suites are similar but offer hardwood floors and more visual privacy for the pool area. The ‘Loft’ (Exclusive Spa) suite sports pale veneer floors, a bigger-than-usual work desk, a functional fireplace, double balcony facing the straits, and two round-basin sinks in the dark-marble-clad bathroom  where apertures flanking the mirrors admit natural light.

Food & drink

9 / 10

The main Cuvée restaurant hosts a superior buffet breakfast. The informal Sips and Bites pool-bar (noon–6pm) has transparent windbreaks, seating inside or out, and snacks such as shrimp, quinoa and spinach salad, lamb chops with oregano purée and vegetables, or for dessert sfakianí píta containing two types of cream cheese and honey. Cuvée (1–11pm) has more formal ambitions with such treats as tuna tartare under passiflora and citrus sauce or kritharáki (orzo) lobster with ouzo and creamed peas, plus creative desserts.

Read the whole review of Aqua Blu, here.