Melanie Martins, model, serial entrepreneur and digital influencer specialised in luxury traveling, lifestyle and fashion, visited the beautiful island of Kos last month, after an invitation of Trésor Hotels & Resorts.Melanie Asklepion





The popular model, who is supported by fervent followers and gets thousands of likes and comments in every post she uploads on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, had the chance to explore the astonishing island of Kos from the 27th to the 30th of May. Excited from the hidden gems of the island, Melanie Martins published gorgeous shots from the moments of her holiday in Kos at her personal pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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The 23 year-old digital influencer declared her love for the island of the Dodecanese in her pages on social media, contributing thereby to the tourist promotion of the island, creating positive publicity and promoting the luxury side of the island, through the content she published.

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Meanwhile, the popular model promoted the authentic experiences Kos offers to its visitors, apart from sun and beautiful beaches, such as the visit to the important archaeological site of Asklepion, as well as the breathtaking sunset from the highest point of the island, the village of Zia.

During her visit in Kos, Melanie Martins was hosted at the 5-star hotel, Aqua Blu Boutique Hotel + Spa.



Melanie Martins shows her passion about travelling and discovering new countries and cultures in her social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. Until now she has visited 40 countries.