The exquisite gastronomy of our Cuvee Restaurant is on the news again! Read the excellent review of Dimitris Antonopoulos, which was published at

“The “Cuvee” restaurant at the “Aqua Blu” Hotel in Kos has always served very unique culinary suggestions since its creation in 2011. This year, however, is its best year since Pavlos Kyriakis (Golden Chef’s Hat in “Lycabettus” and “Andronis Luxury Suites” in Santorini) has taken over the reins of the kitchen, while George Kostis, who has a remarkable resume since he started his career in London until he won a Michelin star as a chef of “5” in Stuttgart, is the executive chef.


Their modern kitchen has cosmopolitan air and boldness. For example, you cannot easily match rustic sausage and crayfish, but they achieve to do it with the help of sweet aubergine cream and a potato broth that is pure umami. From their top dishes, the confit veal sides express a very gourmet comfort style combined with onion puree, carob honey and a super delicate stew. At the same time, the duck with blueberries and caramel figs create a fantastic fusion together with the Japanese hijiki algae, while the pork ribbon combined with smoked onion, peas and pork broth tied with peas and mint tastes of pure spring.


Talking about bold cuisine, it is impressive how a sea bream is showing its delicacy through mushrooms and their broth, hazelnuts and black garlic, or how excellent a dessert playing with spicy curry, coconut and coriander is. Kos has interesting sights, beautiful beaches and the weather is hot until October for some autumn sunbathing.”