When visiting Kos, one of the most beautiful islands of the Dodecanese that attracts millions of visitors annually, nothing compares to the astonishing archaeological sites that it cherishes and nothing is more interesting than “walking down memory lane” through its rich history.

Possibly the most predominant archaeological site of Kos island is that of Asklepion. It is certainly one of the oldest monuments in Greece (together with Epidaurus Theater in the Peloponnese) and a superb point of interest for the visitors of the island. You will find it at aproximately 3.5 km from the town of Kos within the area of Panagia Tarsou.

It was discovered in 1902 and the additional excavations plus a series of restorations carried out at that time have yielded to a superb result that, nowadays, captivates the sight of the visitor right from the first minute. The most organized excavations and most effective interference was made by Italian archaeologists who formed its shape as it is today.

Asklepion used to serve as a place of worship dedicated to Asklipios but also as a therapeutic center for patients who were in need of treatment and relaxation. It consists of four connecting levels and the second level, where the medical school is said to have been housed, is known for its arches and statues dating back to the 4th century BC.

Foundings on the third level, indicate that Asklepion must have been constructed during the Mycenaean Era. Archaeoligists have also discovered a tool kit containing 24 pieces of ancient medical equipment. The whole site contains numerous buildings of different architectural styles that are really worthy to admire from close up. You will also love your excursion for the beautiful views of the coast of Asia Minor that the hill of Asklepio offers.