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My stay at the Aqua Blu was absolutely perfect. Although the manager and his team were new, they definitely did not fail to impress. Their skill, professionalism and dedication created the best possible experience. Every employee whom I had a chance to interact with was kind, and attentive to every detail. This was all under the supervision of their highly motivated general manager, Kiki, who constantly strives to uphold the hotel’s excellent standard of quality and service.


Just like the staff, our very large room also lived up to high expectations. It was a modern design (the hotel has only been open for 3 years) and provided a truly stunning view of the ocean from the large balcony. It also included amenities such as TV, a desk, a really comfortable sofa and more. The bathroom facilities were equally good and included an excellent shower system together with complimentary beauty and care products at the guest’s disposal.


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This hotel is fairly small, having only 53 rooms, and the atmosphere is quiet and genuinely relaxing. Children aren’t allowed and this is reflected in the clientele that stay there. The decor of the hotel was another factor contributing to its great atmosphere and was enhanced by the artwork and paintings that were beautifully displayed throughout the hotel.



Besides the rooms, the hotel offers other excellent facilities such as a swimming pool, a very inviting jacuzzi, sun beds and even fresh aromatic towels and massages from Tamaris, the Aqua Blu Spa & Wellness Center. This spa really is the ultimate experience and includes the wonderful “5 Mondes” treatment from some top therapists. The 29 degrees indoor swimming pool in glass and stones creates a unique Zen feeling.

Even though the location is very close to the centre of Kos town, it is still very pleasant to stay and enjoy the incredible comfort of the hotel’s facilities, as well as the great food. Delicious snacks and aperitifs are available anytime, while it is possible to order highly creative and original dishes, at very reasonable prices, even when sitting by the pool and embracing all the comfort and freedom of summer!


When I woke up in the morning, I was always extremely pleased to be treated to a truly excellent breakfast. The choice was extensive and diverse, featuring not only some of the best local food and produce, but also continental classics or a British breakfast, such as scrambled eggs. The chefs will even make you a custom omelette if you so desire! Lunch and dinner are equally good, if not better. The modern, creative cooking style combined with some Greek flair made for some really interesting flavours.

Overall, I was very impressed by the way this hotel made me feel at home which is usually a hard thing to do, even for a 5-star hotel. I am convinced that even the most discerning travellers will thoroughly enjoy their stay at the Aqua Blu. It will make for a better experience on the island of Kos, with its great facilities, awesome food and the staff’s friendliness and professionalism. This is definitely one of the places to consider when looking for a luxury stay in Kos, or even Greece.

Aqua Blu – Ephelondon Paleon Polemiston, Lambi Beach, Kos 853 00
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