Sit in the comfortable lounge, relax, order your ideal cocktail and enjoy the unique sunset by the pool…




Our Sips + Bites bar offers a wide variety of spirits, specializing in gin, intriguing cocktails and new unexplored combinations!




Here’s where the fun comes in: the bar’s mixology is based on greek products, such as tsipouro, mastic from Chios and herbs from our garden. Our specialist bartenders have recreated the classic cocktails, adding a Mediterranean twist.




The classic Negroni is altered and intensified, by switching gin with traditional “tsipouro”, a strong grape distillate, giving the cocktail a unique taste of Greece.




Tommy’s Thyme Margarita is an intriguing twist of the classic Margarita, containing tequila blanco, freshly squeezed lemon juice, traditional honey from the village of Kefalos  and thyme from our very own garden.

If you ‘re not a cocktail lover yourself, just pop a champagne and simply enjoy the view…