CUVeE Restaurant is on the news! Enjoy the incredible article written by journalist Yiannis Devetzoglou, as published at

“The island of Kos dynamically enters in the world map of high gastronomy and begins to compete with Mykonos and Santorini.

It is extremely rare for me to be in a hotel and want to dine in. CUVeE Restaurant and Aqua Blue Hotel in Kos (Lambi Beach, tel. 22420-22.440) attracted me like a magnet. The environment, the architecture, the decoration, but above all the people who were really polite, made me feel that they are there to help me have a great time.

The restaurant serves multi-star international cuisine and this year the tastes were renewed by the chef Pavlos Kyriakis and “captain” chef Giorgos Kostis (Michelin star). From the buffet to the high gastronomic dishes, the flavors are with no doubt top. For breakfast I tasted Benedict eggs, which were served with bacon, smoked salmon or whatever the customer desires. Hollandaise sauce was magic, with smooth texture. The yolk was not as wet as I expected it, but the flavors were still there. Crisp bacon and premium quality ingredients.

A unique ceviche with pure Greek tastes of tomato and basil hearts was the dish that impressed me at the lunch menu. The bullet-shaped spinach was also amazing! A crisp ball filled with the classic recipe of spinach rice. In general, the menu was highly suited to international cuisine, but at the same time it introduced the Greek flavors and ingredients to the foreign visitors in the smartest way.

Yet, the dinner is unrivaled and  expected to affect the image of the whole island. The menu has a strong character, with quite complex materials, impeccable balance and very pure flavors. The chef’s welcome with three crisps, each with different texture, color and taste, was really appetizing.

SURF AND TURF. I tried a surf and turf with a tender smoked clayfish, tasteful sausage in the right amount and flavour to tie with the seafood and velvet eggplant purée with coffee. All this was married with a delicious broth I ate with the spoon! I continued with a plate full of sea iodine, a sea bream with the skin cooked and removed, leaving the flavors on its raw flesh. It was combined with cucumber and fennel pickles and calamansi sauce, a kind of aromatic lemon reminiscent of bergamot!

Then the chef served me a tender dorado with crispy skin accompanied with shitake mushrooms and cantharelles. The main dish was the colorful plate of the cover photo with two different pieces of tender and crispy pork, onion and citrus. All of this, combined with exclusively Greek wines – 55 labels – and the great suggestions of Sommelier Stamatis Bilis.

The menu culminated with mouthwatering desserts that were impeccable in sugar, not too sweet as in a pastry shop, with colors, playful flavors and textures. Do not forget to try the cocktails of the bartender Christos Michaelides, which will cause you a taste-bud orgasm.